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Five tips for MS and PhD admissions

30 Nov

Been interacting with a lot of students over the past few days. Here are five tips for MS and PhD admissions from some common questions.   Add personality to your SOP. The admissions officers are interested in knowing about you. So provide them with details apart from resume. Most resumes read bland and SOP is […]

How rewarding or practical is to get an MBA after doing a PhD?

22 Nov

Answer by Hemang Shah: All really depends on the purpose for the MBA. I know a few engineers who have successfully transitioned from a purely technical role to a mix of technology and business as PhD – MBA holders. A lot completed their MBA and are still continuing in their previous technical roles. In other […]

If job prospects are so bad for PhDs, why is the unemployment rate so low?

22 Nov

Answer by Hemang Shah: PhD is a very different experience than most educational programs. You don't just complete a bunch of courses and get a PhD awarded. This program specifically calls for taking on problems and subjects that no one has touched before. In other words, PhD students have to innovate. In trying to find […]

How to Become an Engineering Expert

25 Oct

I must admit that for most of my undergrad studies, I felt like I was always in catch up mode. I was catching up to the courses taught. I was catching up to the reading material I had to go through. Most of all, I was catching up to some of my fellow students who […]

How To Approach Open Ended Questions In Interviews

28 Oct

Dealing with open ended questions is a significant stumbling block for a lot of engineering job candidates. In my experience, I have always been asked open ended questions during my job interviews. On the other side, as a part of the hiring group,  I have always posed open ended questions to the interviewees. One example […]

Public speaking: How I delivered a keynote address to more than 500 highly technical folks

21 Oct

The keynote was at a highly prestigious Liquid Crystals conference. The attendees, quite simply put were Liquid Crystal geeks including very senior professors, upcoming researchers, and PhD students. After the talk, I received many compliments along with interesting questions for future research. It felt so good to be appreciated and people genuinely learned something new […]

Seven Mistakes That Young Engineers Make

14 Oct

Every new person in a company will face a new set of challenges. It will be a new work atmosphere, new colleagues, new people, and new technology. Understandably, there are a lot of things going on in the head. After working with engineers over the years, I have seen some people bungle up things really […]

How to file for a patent as a student – Part 2

6 Oct

This is a continuation of another article titled “How to #file for a #patent as a student – part 1”. If you haven’t read that, I encourage you to read it first and then return here. Part 1 sets the context for patenting and more importantly requires you to take some action steps (short exercise, […]

How to file for a patent – Part 1

2 Oct

An important part about my work requires the filing of inventions if we come up with a new solution or discover a novel approach to improve an existing method. I also lead an innovation-focused group that brainstorms about various issues people face in their daily lives and how my company’s technology can be used to […]

Why you won’t get hired despite having a great interview

20 Sep

I distinctly remember the time I was applying for jobs in the last year of my PhD. My advisor, Dr. Adam Fontecchio, and I were happy with the research results and we both felt that it was time to write my dissertation. Simultaneously I had started to look for jobs. I just had one really […]