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Internet of Things: Interview with Shankar Somasundaram

20 Dec

I had a conversation with Shankar Somasundaram, who leads the Internet of Things Product Development at Symantec.  Shankar has a strong engineering background in Telecommunications. After completing his MBA from London School of Business, he has held several roles in business development/product development. You can read more on Shankar’s LinkedIn page.   Hemang: Can you […]

Akshay Mehta – Applications Engineer

11 Nov

Introduction In today’s interview, I talk with Akshay Mehta, who works as an Applications Engineer at Texas Instruments. Applications Engineer performs a variety of roles based on the industry and company. They typically play an important role in ensuring the engineering success of a product and their role requires working with both engineering and product/business […]

Francisco Castro – From Engineering to Patent Law

16 Oct

Interview with Dr. Francisco Castro on his journey from engineering to the field of patent law. The field of patent law is a very important one for the technical industry. Engineers in the high-tech industry are working on exciting  innovations, which need to be protected by patents. A patent lawyer is in touch with the cutting […]

Bhairav Mehta – Data Science Manager / Statistician at Apple

28 Sep

Folks, this week I got the opportunity to speak with Bhairav Mehta, a Data Science Manager / Statistician with extensive experience and management skills. Bhairav works for Apple Inc. as Data Science Manager. He is responsible for the strategic data science initiatives and business intelligence for Apple services and channel management. He has an interesting journey starting […]

Kim Spillman – Software Engineer

19 Sep

Hemang: Can you tell me something about yourself? What got you started in engineering? And, how did it get you to where you are right now? Kim: When I was eight years old, my dad bought an Apple II. We were in the computer store, buying computers, I was looking at computer books and my […]

Interview on Product Engineering with Dhaval Sheth

26 Aug

In today’s interview we are going to talk about product engineering with Dhaval Sheth. Dhaval is a Product Engineer in Analog Engineering & Operatons group at Texas Instruments. He has worked extensively on semiconductor yield improvement. It involves finding root cause by statistical data analysis and micro-probing Integrated Circuits (IC) and then finding resolutions by upgrading design, process, […]

Michael Ermold – LASERs Engineer

8 Aug

Introduction Mike Ermold works as a LASERs engineer at Coherent Inc. Almost everyone knows what a LASER is. However, the applications of industrial LASERs are not really well-explained to students. Industrial LASERs can be used for telecom, for fiber optic communications, semiconductor fabrication, to all sorts of military applications. Working in this field requires a […]

Bala Mulloth – Former Engineer Is Now A Professor of Entrepreneurship

20 Jul

Introduction: Today’s guest is Dr. Bala Mulloth (PhD) who is an assistant professor of #entrepreneurship and innovation management a Central European University (CEU) Business School. He is also the faculty director of CEU InnovationsLab, an incubator focused on providing learning opportunities for students, such as testing ideas for new ventures, research opportunities for faculty, and […]

Kimberly Spillman: Software Engineer

28 Jun

In today’s interview we talk with Kimberly Spillman, on life as a software engineer. Kim has held several interesting roles in the field of software engineering. Currently, she is employed as a Software Engineer at Google Inc. You can read more about her after the interview. Also, you can find her on LinkedIn at Kimberly […]

Nikhil Gogate: Telecom Network Engineer

28 Jun

In today’s interview we talk with Nikhil Gogate about life as a telecom network engineer. Nikhil is the Director of Engineering Operations for Solutelia, an engineering telecom services firm located in Denver, CO. Nikhil has a background in Telecommunications Engineering  and holds a Masters and Bachelors degree in Telecom. You can read his extended bio after […]