How rewarding or practical is to get an MBA after doing a PhD?

22 Nov

Answer by Hemang Shah:

All really depends on the purpose for the MBA. I know a few engineers who have successfully transitioned from a purely technical role to a mix of technology and business as PhD – MBA holders. A lot completed their MBA and are still continuing in their previous technical roles. In other words, the new degree may not necessarily translate into a role change.

The knowledge gained in an MBA certainly helped provide them a different perspective and almost all of them are appreciative of the new network and insight that they&;ve developed. You can&039;t possibly put a number on the reward for this knowledge.

Some of the reasons I&039;ve heard regarding them continuing in a technical role are:

  • The start salary offered as an MBA didn&039;t match/beat their previous one.
  • Family situation may have changed to pick on a radically different role, which typically requires putting a lot of time early on
  • They got a significant promotion/expansion on the technical side
  • Some realized that they were much happier as engineers. While the business knowledge/experience was super, they preferred to stay on as engineers

Do factor in at least 3 years of devoting all spare time including weekends and possibly high loans for an MBA.

Good Luck!

How rewarding or practical is to get an MBA after doing a PhD?

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