Five tips for MS and PhD admissions

30 Nov

Been interacting with a lot of students over the past few days. Here are five tips for MS and PhD admissions from some common questions.


  • Add personality to your SOP. The admissions officers are interested in knowing about you. So provide them with details apart from resume. Most resumes read bland and SOP is an opportunity to add color to it
  • Provide quality information to the folks writing your letters of recommendation. Essentially they are providing a huge boost to your application by vouching for you as a student, as a researcher, and as someone who will make the university better by attending.
  • The universities may not have heard about your college or may not be familiar with the percentage system. If possible, provide them with GPA info. If not, do explain the significance via statistics regarding how well you have performed
  • Email professors after you’ve secured an admission unless it’s for a PhD admission and you want to work with that professor.
  • You must enquire about the on-campus and assistantship situation from current students at the university. Some places to reach out are at student groups of that university on Facebook. If applicable, mention that you are an international student because some jobs may have requirements
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