Five tips for MS and PhD admissions

30 Nov

Been interacting with a lot of students over the past few days. Here are five tips for MS and PhD admissions from some common questions.   Add personality to your SOP. The admissions officers are interested in knowing about you. So provide them with details apart from resume. Most resumes read bland and SOP is […]

How rewarding or practical is to get an MBA after doing a PhD?

22 Nov

Answer by Hemang Shah: All really depends on the purpose for the MBA. I know a few engineers who have successfully transitioned from a purely technical role to a mix of technology and business as PhD – MBA holders. A lot completed their MBA and are still continuing in their previous technical roles. In other […]

If job prospects are so bad for PhDs, why is the unemployment rate so low?

22 Nov

Answer by Hemang Shah: PhD is a very different experience than most educational programs. You don't just complete a bunch of courses and get a PhD awarded. This program specifically calls for taking on problems and subjects that no one has touched before. In other words, PhD students have to innovate. In trying to find […]

How to Become an Engineering Expert

25 Oct

I must admit that for most of my undergrad studies, I felt like I was always in catch up mode. I was catching up to the courses taught. I was catching up to the reading material I had to go through. Most of all, I was catching up to some of my fellow students who […]

Engineering Stamina

7 Oct

In this article, I’d like to explain what stamina means in the #engineering world. At a good engineering firm, you’ll need lots of it to build better products, to solve amazing problems, to match pace with your colleagues, to survive…   Let me share a personal experience in this matter. This incident happened during the […]

How Tamasha may help you free your mind

24 Sep

Came across the trailer for Tamasha yesterday. Like most Imtiaz Ali movies the characters/actors portray roles that connect with the youth. Looking at the college grads these days and importantly, looking back, the typical Indian engineering experience has structure as a strong characteristic. While I appreciate the breadth of the subjects learned, one key ingredient […]

Tell me something about yourself…

8 Sep

A friend of mine shared an #interview he was conducting. At any interview, after the initial pleasantries are exchanged, the interview candidate is asked the question “Can you #tell me something about yourself?” My friend asked a similar question to the interviewee.   The interviewee mentioned “I am an engineering graduate from University X. I […]

Interview Etiquette: Remembering to Say Thank You – IEEE – The Institute

21 Feb

Sending a thank-you note after an interview is something many of today’s job applicants do not do. A simple letter can differentiate you from the competition and enhance your reputation in the eyes of a future boss. Whether by e-mail or snail mail, here are a few things to remember when writing one: via Interview […]

Internet of Things: Interview with Shankar Somasundaram

20 Dec

I had a conversation with Shankar Somasundaram, who leads the Internet of Things Product Development at Symantec.  Shankar has a strong engineering background in Telecommunications. After completing his MBA from London School of Business, he has held several roles in business development/product development. You can read more on Shankar’s LinkedIn page.   Hemang: Can you […]

Akshay Mehta – Applications Engineer

11 Nov

Introduction In today’s interview, I talk with Akshay Mehta, who works as an Applications Engineer at Texas Instruments. Applications Engineer performs a variety of roles based on the industry and company. They typically play an important role in ensuring the engineering success of a product and their role requires working with both engineering and product/business […]